International Moves FAQs

We’re committed to being a helpful resource to you during your transition. We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions specific to moving to a new country.

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I will be moving to an international location for a work-related assignment. Where do I start?
Congratulations on your new opportunity! We’re here to help you get started. Here are some tips about the different destination services we have to offer. This information should help get things moving:

  • Preview Trip/Area Orientation: we’ll help plan an exciting preview trip to get you acquainted with your new location.  
  • Visa and Immigration: Assist you in obtaining your Visa. 
  • Cultural and Language Training: now that you’re moving, it’s time to start learning about the culture and everything in your new country.
  • Housing Assistance & Temporary Accommodations: we have the international housing experts on hand to help you find your new home.

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I need to find an apartment or house while on an international assignment. Can you help with finding a temporary home?
Yes, we absolutely can help you find temporary accommodations while on assignment. UniGroup Worldwide has the right experts and staff on hand to guide you through the home selection process.
I’d like to sublet or lease my home while on an international assignment. Do you have services in place that can help?
We can definitely help you manage your vacant properties while you’re away on assignment. We can administer property checks, manage leasing arrangements and perform general maintenance and repairs.
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I’m relocating internationally but have never spoken the native language of my new home and country. Can UniGroup Worldwide help me prepare for this transition?
UniGroup Worldwide not only focuses on the shipment of belongings, but on the overall moving process. We want you to be comfortable and confident going into your new culture and community. We offer language training prior to your departure, private language classes and even youth programs to help all members of the family acclimate to your new home country.
My entire family is coming with me while on international assignment. Do you offer any services to support by children and partner/spouse?
UniGroup Worldwide understands that an international move affects the entire family. Our dedicated consultants can assist you in identifying top schools, child care options, school/activity enrollment, etc. Is your spouse or partner interested in working internationally, too? We offer career counseling so they will have a competitive edge as they start their job search. UniGroup Worldwide can also provide on-going transition support as you adjust to your new home.

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I’m concerned about keeping my belongings safe while they’re in transit. What types of protection do you offer?
UniGroup Worldwide has several types of protection available for international relocations:

  • Door-to-door protection: this protection extends from your origin to your new international home. 
  • Long Term Storage Protection: not taking it all with you? Our Long Term Storage Protection can cover mold/mildew damages, repairs and much more.

These are just a few of the protection options we offer. Interested in purchasing additional protection for your international move? Find out more.