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The process of moving to a different state is often complicated by the remote nature of research, planning and coordinating.  While the internet provides a wealth of information to get you started, a move across the country will require additional investments in time, travel and research. 

Don't worry, if you are moving across the country, Mayflower is the right cross country moving company for you.

Choosing the Best Cross Country Moving Company

With over 90 years of leading the cross country moving industry, Mayflower understands the stress, anxiety, and fears that our customers have when preparing to move all of their personal property, themselves, families and beloved pets across the country.

Mayflower is America’s most trusted moving company and has been moving valued customers across the United States for almost an entire century. We will help you plan your cross country move, move your belongings and support you all along the way with open communication, moving tips and tools and simply being there for you.

Mayflower Helps Make Cross Country Moving a Breeze

Our decades of cross country moving experience undoubtedly benefit our customers. Not only do we provide all of the services that you may need, including packing, loading, moving, storage, cleaning and more, but we also offer our customers valuable resources, including moving tips, tools and checklists. We want the cross-country moving experience to be seamless and fluid for our customers. We strive to educate, serve and exceed customer expectations.

How the Mayflower Cross Country Moving Process Works

With Mayflower, moving across the country is really quite easy.

1. Reach out. First things first - you will need to either complete our online quote request form or call Mayflower at 877-720-4066 to jump-start the process.

2. Share your information. We will collect all of the necessary information of about your move, including the date of your move, as well as information regarding your home, property and any add-on services, such as packing, cleaning, storage or technology installation, that you may need.

3. In-home estimate. We will then schedule an in-home estimate wherein one of our estimators will come to your home and perform a walk-through. This is the best way to assess your move and provide you with a detailed and accurate quote.

4. Moving day. Once all of the moving paperwork is finalized, a move coordinator will serve as your point of contact throughout your move. He or she can answer any questions you may have and provide you with valuable information to help you prepare. Our website offers a boundless collection of resources as well.

Now for the planning.

We have put together some helpful information that we encourage you to reference before, during and after your cross country move.

Cross Country Moving Tips

Whether renting a moving van, shipping a container or hiring professional movers, it’s important to begin preparations at least two months before your move.

  1. Start Cleaning:

    Burn calories, alleviate stress and breathe easier (quite literally) with a healthy dose of spring cleaning. No sense in moving your dust bunnies cross country – so dedicate yourself to a fresh start with a good ol’ fashioned sweep and mop.

  2. Cut the Clutter:

    You can significantly cut the weight of your moving load by ridding your home of clutter and kitsch before you start packing. Old magazines, books, and curios are a good place to start. Many of these items can either be donated or recycled.

  3. Time to Pack:

    Start your packing process by collecting supplies and boxes. Make sure your cardboard boxes are durable enough to survive a cross country move.

  • Changing Your Address.

    The USPS makes it easier than ever to fill out an official Change of Address form. Visit the United States Postal Service website up to three months before moving day to schedule your address change. They’ll even send you coupons for moving products and services!
  • Setting Up Utilities and Services.

    You should also set up utilities such as gas, water, trash, phone, cable and internet before move-in day. Your landlord or realtor should be able to provide a list of local utility information.

Who to Inform of Your Cross Country Move

With so many details in transition and so many people to notify, it is easy to forget an agency, account or service. Make sure you alert everyone below of your new address and contact info.

We also recommend notifying agencies of your move. Although your official USPS Change of Address will forward mail to your new address, you’ll want to inform other businesses such as banks, insurance companies, DMV, and other establishments that you interact with on a monthly basis.

Be sure to cancel services for your old residence such as yard and pool care, pest control maintenance, your house cleaner, and anyone else who comes for regularly scheduled maintenance.

How Much Does it Cost to Move Cross Country?

Mayflower’s cross country moving quotes take many factors into account so that you receive a fair quote that is specific to your unique move. We assess the size of your current and new home, the number of floors in your current and new home, the weight of your property and the distance of your move to determine your final moving cost.

It is important to note that all cross-country moves are different which is why we must gather all of the preliminary information before providing you with a number. 

Contact Mayflower About Our Cross Country Moving Services

Only federally licensed moving companies are legally allowed to ship your goods cross country. Mayflower is fully licensed and bonded to provide full-service cross country moving services. Move cross country with America's most trusted moving company, and your household will be delivered safely to any destination our 300+ moving agents offer service.  

Getting started is simple! Fill out the quote form on top of the page or simply give us a call at 877-720-4066 and begin your cross-country journey! 

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